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Metals and Other Constituent Concentrations in Sediment of Selected Streams Draining the Tri-State Mining District, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas, 2011–12


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Smith, D.C., 2016, Metals and Other Constituent Concentrations in Metals-Contaminated Sediment of Selected Streams Draining the Tri-State Mining District, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas, 2011–12: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Lead and zinc were mined in the Tri-State Mining District (TSMD) of southwest Missouri, northeast Oklahoma, and southeast Kansas for more than 100 years. The effects of mining on the landscape are still evident, nearly 50 years after the last mine ceased operation. The legacies of mining are the mine waste and discharge of groundwater from underground mines. The mine-waste piles and underground mines are continuous sources of trace metals (primarily lead, zinc, and cadmium) to the streams that drain the TSMD. Many previous studies characterized the horizontal extent of mine-waste contamination in streams but little information exists on the depth of mine-waste contamination in these streams. Characterizing the vertical extent of contamination [...]

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David Smith
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David Smith
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David Smith
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U.S. Geological Survey
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David Smith, U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
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Water Resources
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Central Midwest Water Science Center

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The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, collected channel-sediment samples at depth for subsequent analyses that would allow attainment of the following goals: (1) determination of the relation between concentration and depth for lead, zinc and cadmium in channel sediments and flood-plain sediments, and (2) determination of the volume of stream-channel sediment from the surface to the maximum depth with concentrations of these metals that exceeded sediment-quality guidelines.


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