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Upload and Download Files

Upload and download files. Learn about file formats, size limits, and inline viewing.

Data Release Instructions

Instructions for completing a data release in ScienceBase and answers to frequently asked questions.

Create a ScienceBase Community


What is a ScienceBase community?          CERC community example              

ScienceBase Geospatial Services

Interact with geospatial information records using ArcGIS and other software.

ScienceBase Directory Services

Interact with ScienceBase Directory to obtain contact and descriptive information about people and organizations.

ScienceBase Items

Create, document, and catalog information items to your ScienceBase community.

ScienceBase Web Services

Learn how to use ScienceBase services in applications. View examples of what others are doing with ScienceBase services.

Partner with ScienceBase

Partner with ScienceBase to advance its development and contribute to data management, data sharing, and information technology.

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