Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Users may use Advanced Search to refine search results or build a custom URL with search specifications.
  2. Every basic record in ScienceBase is an item, which may describe a variety of entities, including datasets, publications, projects, maps etc. ScienceBase items may include metadata and uploaded files.
  3. A community is a designated work space in ScienceBase. Communities can be created for any USGS group or partnership that would benefit from use of a centralized data management platform.
  4. To initiate a community, e-mail to request creation of a community and provide information about the effort.
  5. Visit to sign up for an account. Request access to the ScienceBase community by contacting the community manager or e-mailing
  6. Non-USGS users can have ScienceBase accounts and belong to ScienceBase communities if they are collaborating on a project with the USGS.
  7. Users can add new records to ScienceBase by providing information through an online edit form. They can also create shortcuts to existing ScienceBase records.
  8. Almost any file type can be uploaded to ScienceBase. Some file types are processed by ScienceBase to enable interactive online viewing and metadata parsing.
  9. The current file size limit in ScienceBase is 10 GB. Depending on transmission speed, timeout limits may affect size of file upload. Support is available to add large files to ScienceBase.
  10. A saved search allows aggregation of records for quick access and may be cited by a URL for use in websites and e-mails.


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