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Acoustic Telemetry Evaluation of Invasive Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) Behavior in Southern Michigan (Summer 2021)


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Cupp, A.R., Smerud, J.R., Nelson, R.G., Rivera, J.M., Roth, B., Nathan, L., Sullivan, A., Stoeckel, J., Elliott, G., Swyers, N.M., Sholtis, M., Peterman, L. Allert, A., and Wildhaber, M., 2023, Acoustic Telemetry Evaluation of Invasive Red Swamp Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) Behavior in Southern Michigan (Summer 2021): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This study deployed acoustic telemetry into a red swamp crayfish-infested water retention pond (1.0 ac) near Novi, Michigan to document the movements and behavior of telemetered red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii). Telemetry was setup in the pond for approximately 3 months. Spreadsheets include telemetry data with position estimates for individual crayfish.


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TagPositionsFor_6047.3.csv 27.21 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6094.10.csv 29.67 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6141.17.csv 39.94 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6188.24.csv 5.95 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6235.3.csv 17.7 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6282.10.csv 12.5 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6329.17.csv 37.19 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6376.24.csv 2.23 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6423.3.csv 11.55 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6470.10.csv 17.84 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6517.17.csv 30.78 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6564.24.csv 998.43 KB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6611.3.csv 28.01 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6658.10.csv 15.98 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6705.17.csv 35.94 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6752.24.csv 4.6 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6799.3.csv 29.4 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6847.10.csv 39.09 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6894.17.csv 24.37 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6941.24.csv 6.11 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_6988.24.csv 2.51 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7036.10.csv 32.09 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7083.17.csv 2.29 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7130.24.csv 6.58 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7177.24.csv 3.73 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7225.10.csv 19.91 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7272.17.csv 15.83 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7319.24.csv 1.15 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7366.24.csv 3.14 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7414.10.csv 36.12 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7461.17.csv 36.45 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7508.24.csv 7.98 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7603.10.csv 36.29 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7650.17.csv 5.2 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7792.10.csv 30.36 MB text/csv
TagPositionsFor_7839.17.csv 7.14 MB text/csv


These data were collected as part of research study investigating the use of the pesticide pyrethrin as a method to control invasive crayfish.



  • USGS Data Release Products
  • Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC)



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DOI doi:10.5066/P92OOTED

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