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Station MTAG06; Magnetotelluric sounding data in the Silverton Caldera complex, Colorado, 2019


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Reitman, J., Rodriguez, B.D., Brown, P.J,, and Yager, D.B., 2021, Magnetotelluric sounding data in the Silverton Caldera complex, Colorado, 2019: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset includes magnetotelluric (MT) sounding data collected in July 2019 in the Silverton Caldera complex, Colorado, in the Southern Rocky Mountain Volcanic Field, by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Along with geologic mapping, airborne magnetics, airborne electromagnetics, and audiomagnetotellurics, the USGS collected MT data at 24 sites along five profiles ranging from 2 to 5 kilometers in length: across Red Mountain of the Silverton caldera, within the caldera in Eureka Graben, across the south-eastern margin of the caldera along Arrastra Gulch, across the southern margin of the caldera along the western margin of Kendall Mountain, and across the south-western margin of the caldera along South Fork Mineral Creek. The data [...]


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AG06M1.BP1 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M1.BP2 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M1.BP3 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M1.TS1 41.13 KB application/unknown
AG06M1.TS2 6.03 KB application/unknown
AG06M1.TS3 6.03 KB application/unknown
AG06M2.BP2 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M2.BP3 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M2.TS2 6.03 KB application/unknown
AG06M2.TS3 6.04 KB application/unknown
AG06M3.BP2 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M3.BP3 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M3.TS2 6.03 KB application/unknown
AG06M3.TS3 6.03 KB application/unknown
AG06M4.BP2 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M4.TS2 6.03 KB application/unknown
AG06M5.BP2 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M5.TS2 6.03 KB application/unknown
AG06M6.BP2 5.83 KB text/plain
AG06M6.TS2 6.03 KB application/unknown
BF4-9820.RSP 1.07 KB text/plain
BF4-9821.RSP 1.07 KB text/plain
BF7-8004.RSP 1.06 KB text/plain
EF-9515X.RSP 5.74 KB text/plain
EF-9515Y.RSP 5.74 KB text/plain
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USA-Colorado-Silverton_Caldera-2019-MTAG06.edi 54.9 KB text/plain
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The purpose of this data release is to provide magnetotelluric (MT) station locations and data to the public. The purpose of the survey is to help to characterize subsurface rock properties important for understanding surface water and groundwater quality issues, and also to improve knowledge of deep geologic structures that may have been conduits for hydrothermal fluids that formed mineral deposits. The study also has general applications to mineral resource assessments in other areas of the world, and to identify possible groundwater flow paths and associated geochemistry important in abandoned mine lands cleanup.

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