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USGS High Resolution for The Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Agrihan Island: 55QCA555790_200501_0x6000m_CL_1


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2017-10-24 16:19:00


U.S. Geological Survey, 2011, USGS High Resolution for The Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Agrihan Island: 55QCA555790_200501_0x6000m_CL_1: U.S. Geological Survey.


"USDA has purchased an Enterprise Premium license for this Orthoimagery/Geo product from DigitalGlobe, Inc. Any government, education, not-for-profit agency and public/individuals not engaged in using the "Product for Commercial Exploitation or Commercial Purposes" can use this licensed data. Use of this product for Commercial Purposes by a person/company/organization for a profit or fee is strictly prohibited. Please refer to the separately attached license from DigitalGlobe, Inc. for additional information. This specific imagery was not Orthorectified due to a lack of a usable DEM at the time this image was requested. This Image was processed as a "Geo"or Georeferenced product from DigitalGlobe." An orthoimage is remotely sensed [...]


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"DG satellite imagery serves a variety of purposes, from interim maps to field references for geographic information system and as a tool for revision of digital line graphs and topographic maps." A digital orthoimage is a geometrically accurate photographic record of landscape conditions at the time of the corresponding aerial photography. As such, High Resolution Orthoimagery is useful for a variety of applications, such as environmental monitoring, facility engineering/maintenance, city/county planning, property line review, etc. The digital orthoimage can be used alone or as a raster basemap for corresponding vector line mapping.

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