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We investigated experimental warming and simulated grazing (clipping) effects on rangeland quality, as indicated by vegetation production and nutritive quality, in winter-grazed meadows and summer-grazed shrublands on the Tibetan Plateau, a rangeland system experiencing climatic and pastoral land use changes. Warming decreased total aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP) by 40 g.m?�.yr?� at the meadow habitats and decreased palatable ANPP (total ANPP minus non-palatable forb ANPP) by 10 g.m?�.yr?� at both habitats. The decreased production of the medicinal forb Gentiana straminea and the increased production of the non-palatable forb Stellera chamaejasme with warming also reduced rangeland quality. At the shrubland...
This study determined the influence differing soil surface textures and vegetative covers have on the magnitude of wind erosion in a semi-arid environment. The study was conducted from March 2000 through late April 2000 on the Jornada Experimental Range approximately 37 km north of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Big Spring Number Eight (BSNE) samplers placed at nine locations, collected particulates in suspension and saltation at heights of 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 cm from the following surfaces: loose sand, thick silty physical crust, flaky physical crust, weak desert pavement, and a forb/grass ground cover. BSNE samplers collected the largest amounts of sediment were collected in areas of loose sand and at sites directly...
This review considers studies of short-duration grazing from the USA (prairie rangelands) and Africa. Topics discussed include the impact of trampling on soil compaction, effects on forage production, plant succession in relation to range condition, efficiency of forage utilization, livestock (cattle and sheep) productivity, and financial returns. It is concluded that most of the early claims for short-duration grazing, based on short-term studies during a climatically and financially favourable period, have not been sustained during subsequent droughts. Better results could have been obtained if the efforts of extension workers had been concentrated on promulgating scientifically-proven range management techniques...
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