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Heinrichs Geoexploration Co. Maps: Rex Group Claims; 1 in. to 500 feet; 36 x 34 in.

map background search result map search result map Survey of Township 6 North Range 1 West Eureka Oneida Mine Claim Map Emerald Isle Group Syndicate Property Claim Map Mines Holding Company Claim Map Abril Property Sketch Mineral Survey Plat No. 3954, Sheet 1 Phoenix Group Assay Plat Gila and Salt River Meridian, Arizona, Township 5 North, Range 14 East Plat of Iron Age Claims Black Jack Claim Map Silver Bell, Pioneer Mining District Ace Mining and Development Company Plan of Property Showing Workings and Veins in Relation to Property Lines Vulture Town Site Mineral Survey Plat No. 3954, Sheet 2 Samoa Little Boy Plat Plan of the William H. Meals Group Girard Mining Company Property Kalamazoo Claims Kalamazoo Claim Map Kalamazoo Claim Index Rex Group Claims Rex Group Claims