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N limitation to primary production and other ecosystem processes is widespread. To understand the causes and distribution of N limitation, we must understand the controls of biological N fixation. The physiology of this process is reasonably well characterized, but our understanding of ecological controls is sparse, except in a few cultivated ecosystems. We review information on the ecological controls of N fixation in free-living cyanobacteria, vascular plant symbioses, and heterotrophic bacteria, with a view toward developing improved conceptual and simulation models of ecological controls of biological N fixation. A model (Howarth et al. 1999) of cyanobacterial fixation in lakes (where N fixation generally increases...
This data release includes metadata and tabular data that documents growth and root nodulation of Acacia koa and Sophora chrysophylla in different soil types. Soils contained innoculum from conspecific versus heterospecific plants and were taken from areas that had burned in the 2018 Keauhou fire versus areas that had not burned . All plants were grown and data were taken in 2019 in a shadehouse structure in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.

    map background search result map search result map Hawaii Volcanoes National Park plant-soil feedbacks and fire data, 2019 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park plant-soil feedbacks and fire data, 2019