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    map background search result map search result map Rail Haulage at Morenci Mine Plan of Operating Benches, Morenci Mine Clifton-Morenci District Map Plan of Joy Shaft - Surface to 5th Level, Morenci Branch Perspective View of Morenci Block Caving System Morenci Mine Panel Yard Diagram of Shafts and Levels, Humboldt Mine Geologic Map of the Morenci Open Pit Generalized Geologic Map of Morenci Area Showing the Major Faults Sketch Map, Open Pit Mine and Plant Morenci, Arizona Skip Loading Device, Number 6 Shaft, Morenci Branch Morenci Mine Bit Shop Humboldt Mine Plan of Shaft Number 6 Morenci Inclined Top-Slice System Morenci Timbered Slide System Location of Morenci Mine Open-Pit Copper Mine Arrangement of Primary Hole in Bank - Morenci Mine