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The Great Salt Lake (GSL) of Utah, USA, is the largest saline lake in North America, and its brines are some of the most concentrated anywhere in the world. The lake occupies a closed basin system whose chemistry reflects solute inputs from the weathering of a diverse suite of rocks in its drainage basin. GSL is the remnant of a much larger lacustrine body, Lake Bonneville, and it has a long history of carbonate deposition. Inflow to the lake is from three major rivers that drain mountain ranges to the east and empty into the southern arm of the lake, from precipitation directly on the lake, and from minor groundwater inflow. Outflow is by evaporation. The greatest solute inputs are from calcium bicarbonate river...
This report provides detailed (1:63,360-scale) mapping of the Tanana A-1 and A-2 quadrangles (500 square miles; equivalent to eight 7.5-minute quadrangles). The area is part of the Manley Hot Springs-Tofty mining districts and adjacent to the Rampart mining district to the south of the Tanana B-1 Quadrangle. This report includes detailed bedrock, surficial, structural, and stratigraphic data. Based on the resulting geologic maps, field investigations, and laboratory materials analyses, the report also includes derivative maps of geologic construction materials and geologic hazards. The Tanana A-1 and A-2 Quadrangles and surrounding area comprise several isolated mountainous ridges in the western Yukon-Tanana Upland...
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map background search result map search result map Geologic map of the Tanana A-1 and A-2 quadrangles, central Alaska Geologic map of the Tanana A-1 and A-2 quadrangles, central Alaska