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This dataset reports select histopathological changes in liver, kidney, gonad, spleen, brain, heart, skeletal muscle, lung, or adrenal gland of zebra finches exposed to 15mg/kg, 18mg/kg, 30mg/kg, 60mg/kg, 75mg/kg, 125mg/kg, or 250mg/kg clothianidin (CTD) (with controls) by gavage, in water, or on millet seed either as a single dose or for 7 days. The goal of the project is to develop a subacute neonicotinoid toxicity model using zebra finches as a model passerine. We have completed two acute toxicity trials using CTD insecticide. Based on these studies, we estimate the no observable effect level (NOAEL) and the lowest observable effect level (LOAEL) for CTD in zebra finches to be 15 and 30 mg/kg body weight, respectively,...