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It has become increasingly apparent that diet can be a major source of trace metal bioaccumulation in aquatic organisms. In this study, we examined cadmium uptake, efflux, and subcellular compartmentalization dynamics in the freshwater oligochaete Lumbriculus variegatus. L. variegatus is an important component of freshwater food webs in Europe and North America and is potentially useful as a standard food source for laboratory-based trophic transfer studies. Cadmium accumulation and depuration were each followed for 10 days. Rate constants of uptake (ku) and efflux (ke) were estimated and subcellular Cd compartmentalization was followed over the course of uptake and efflux. The partitioning of Cd into operationally-defined...
NO3 Uptake in Shallow, Oligotrophic, Mountain Lakes: The Influence of Elevated NO3 Concentrations, credited to Lafrancois, Brenda Moraska, published in 2004. Published in Journal of the North American Benthological Society, volume 23, issue 3, on pages 397 - 415, in 2004.