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Residential energy consumption accounts for 22% of the total energy consumption in the US. However, the impacts of local planning policies, such as increasing density and changing the housing type mix, on residential energy consumption are not well understood. Using Residential Energy Consumption Survey Data from the Energy Information Administration, quantile regression analysis was used to tease out the effects of various factors on entire distribution on the energy consumption spectrum instead of focusing on the conditional average. Results show that while housing size matters for space conditioning, housing type has a more nuanced impact. Self-reported neighborhood density does not seem to have any impact on...
We have conducted a detailed analysis of costs associated with today’s technology for CO2 separation and capture at three types of power plants: integrated coal gasification combined cycles (IGCC), pulverized coal-fired simple cycles (PC), and natural gas-fired combined cycles (NGCC). The analysis was based on studies from the literature that analyzed the economics of capturing CO2 emitted at power plants. In this paper, we present a composite cost model and perform a sensitivity analysis to identify the cost-drivers for capture. We conclude that with new developments, CO2 capture and sequestration can become a cost-effective mitigation pathway.
During the past three years, working with more than 150 organizations representing public and private stakeholders, EPRI has developed the Electricity Technology Roadmap. The Roadmap identifies several major strategic challenges that must be successfully addressed to ensure a sustainable future in which electricity continues to play an important role in economic growth. Articulation of these anticipated trends and challenges requires a detailed understanding of the role and importance of reliable electricity in different sectors of the economy. This report is intended to contribute to that understanding by analyzing key aspects of trends in the economic value of electricity reliability in the U.S. economy. We first...
Black and white, color and color-infrared photography at 1:20,000 scale or larger provide useful data for monitoring the environmental effects of surface mining as demonstrated following a study of surface clay mining in New Jersey. Investigations using highaltitude color and color-infrared photography at scales of 1:80,000 to 1:120,000 provide an efficient technique for inventorying large-surface mining operations or for rapid statewide mining studies.
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