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Samples must be shipped in 70-100% Ethanol in a sealed container. Do not ship specimens preserved in formalin or other preservatives. Specimens not properly preserved in ethanol will be returned to sender. Include proper metadata in the specimen vial with all associated metadata (specimen ID, determiner, collection date, collection location, and any additional info) included in the specimen vial as well as the shipping vessel. Specify if you want the specimen returned after the digitization process. Return shipping costs for contributions within the contiguous U.S. will be paid by the Aquatic Experimental Lab.
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Lists of every specimen in the DRC are provided and organized alphabetically by order. Taxa currently included in the DRC have fields populated with an X. Conversely, blank fields indicate taxa that are not yet photographed. The current geographic and taxonomic scope of the NAAMDRC encompasses aquatic insects found in the United States west of the Mississippi River. As funding and resources allow, the DRC will be continually expanded to cover North America and non-insect aquatic taxa. If you have specimens to contribute to the collection, please visit the Feedback-Submission tab for instructions on the submission process. For the initial production effort, the NAAMDRC is focused primarily on the larval stages...
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David Walters Aquatic Experimental Lab U.S. Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center 2150 Centre Ave. Building C Fort Collins, CO 80526-8118
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