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These four tables document the data used to draw the findings in the manuscript “Measuring sustainability of seed-funded Earth science informatics projects,” by Hsu et al. Table 1, “ListProjects-data” lists the projects funded by the Community for Data Integration from 2010-2016. Table 2, “Outputs-data” lists the deliverables that were proposed and delivered to the Community for Data Integration from 2010-2016, and notes if they were still accessible or sustained at the time of this study (December 2018). Table 3, “Influences-and-Sustainabiltiy-data” lists the projects and the sustainability influences examined in this study, as well as if the project achieved individual-level or organizational-level sustainability....
Provide a space for datasets used in continuous integration testing for R packages or datasets used in training materials to live publicly.
The ViTexOCR script presents a new method for extracting navigation data from videos with text overlays using optical character recognition (OCR) software. Over the past few decades, it was common for videos recorded during surveys to be overlaid with real-time geographic positioning satellite chyrons including latitude, longitude, date and time, as well as other ancillary data (such as speed, heading, or user input identifying fields). Embedding these data into videos provides them with utility and accuracy, but using the location data for other purposes, such as analysis in a geographic information system, is not possible when only available on the video display. Extracting the text data from imagery using software...