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The Peninsular Florida LCC (PFLCC) uses a science-based, data-rich approach to define priorities across the landscape. In order to communicate those priorities and underlying information effectively to a broad range of stakeholders, PFLCC wishes to work with the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) to develop a simple interactive viewer for data and products derived from science activities that will provide information to guide natural resource management decisions.. Over the longer term, PFLCC would also like to build on the successful use of the Data Basin ( platform by other LCCs to develop a Conservation Planning Atlas in order to share the data layers using the feature-rich mapping, visualization,...
Develop a customized, simple interactive viewer for PFLCC’s conservation data.Collaborate closely with PFLCC staff to determine scope and priorities for futureimprovements to the viewer.Assist PFLCC staff in piloting use of Data Basin to support data sharing andcollaboration within the system.

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