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This project improves the age class and diversity of plant communities. Improving transitional range will help hold the antelope and deer in this area, saving crucial winter areas for use later in the season. Other wildlife benefitting from this treatment are small mammals and a variety of birds, including sage grouse. Quality, quantity, and availability of forage in this transitional-migratory area will be improved. The units of accomplishments for this project, 10,000 acres (JM), are shared with multiple funding sources; due to the timing of the project; some units will carry over into FY 08. Some of the included acres are within the Wildland Urban Interface (JW).
FY2011Increasingly large wildfires in the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau have led to large dust storms in areas historically without them. Large dust storms have adversely affected human health, energy production operations, soil fertility, and mountain snowpack hydrology. USGS research efforts have investigated the causes and consequences of post-fire dust storms. Publications from this work are being used by managers with the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Energy, and other land managers to develop management practices that will minimize dust production.
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    map background search result map search result map Red Canyon/Elk Mountain Prescribed Burn Dust Erosion Following Wildfires and Drought Red Canyon/Elk Mountain Prescribed Burn Dust Erosion Following Wildfires and Drought