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Approximately 298 acres of seasonal shallow water wetland habitat will be established or enhanced for water birds and waterfowl by constructing and repairing low level dikes and installing 6 water control structures. In addition, permanent water wetlands will be constructed enhance the wetland complex.
We produced a time series of maps of habitat structure within wetlands of the Central Valley of California. The structure of open water and tall emergent vegetation, such as Typha spp. and Schoenoplectus spp., is critical for migratory birds. Through field observation and digitization of high resolution imagery we identified the locations of tall emergent vegetation, water, and other land cover. Using a random forest classification, we classified multispectral Landsat 8 imagery 2013-2017. We used images from the fall when most wetlands are flooded and the summer to separate trees and tall emergent vegetation. The final maps show the distribution and extent of tall emergent vegetation within wetlands. Final time...
This project involves the establishment of a 5.5 acre wetland for waterfowl and water bird habitat, including specific habitat developments for swans. Establishing secure, shallow water summer habitat is the most important management priority for swans in the upper Green River area.

map background search result map search result map Upper Green River Wetland Establishment Wetland Construction and Enhancements, Lincoln County Wetland Habitat Structure Maps for the Central Valley of California 2013-2017 Wetland Habitat Structure Maps for the Central Valley of California 2013-2017