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A vector line file of public/private streets compiled from orthoimagery and other sources that is attributed with street names, addresses, route numbers, routing attributes, and includes a related table of alternate/alias street names. If the purpose of using NYS Streets is for geocoding, the New York State Office of Information Technology Services (NYS ITS) has a publicly available geocoding service which includes the NYS Streets along with other layers. For more information about the geocoding service, please visit
The USGS Transportation service from The National Map (TNM) is based on TIGER/Line data provided through U.S. Census Bureau and supplemented with HERE road data to create tile cache base maps. Some of the TIGER/Line data includes limited corrections done by USGS. Transportation data consists of roads, railroads, trails, airports, and other features associated with the transport of people or commerce. The data include the name or route designator, classification, and location. Transportation data support general mapping and geographic information system technology analysis for applications such as traffic safety, congestion mitigation, disaster planning, and emergency response. The National Map transportation data...

    map background search result map search result map USGS Transportation Overlay Map Service from The National Map Roads, New York Roads, New York USGS Transportation Overlay Map Service from The National Map