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This USGS Data Release represents geospatial and tabular data for the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment Project. The data release was produced in compliance with the new 'open data' requirements as way to make the scientific products associated with USGS research efforts and publications available to the public. The dataset consists of 2 separate items: 1. Vulnerability assessment data for habitat and species based on expert opinion (Tabular datasets) 2. Vulnerability assessment values for species across subregions in study area (Vector GIS dataset)
The Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment (GCVA) used an expert opinion approach to qualitatively assess the vulnerability of four ecosystems: mangrove, oyster reef, tidal emergent marsh, and barrier islands, and a suite of wildlife species that depend on them. More than 50 individuals participated in the completion of the GCVA, facilitated via Ecosystem and Species Expert Teams. The GCVA made use of the Standardized Index of Vulnerability and Value Assessment (SIVVA) (Reece and Noss 2014) to provide an objective framework for evaluating vulnerability by guiding assessors through a series of questions related to the changes an ecosystem or species might experience due to climate change and other threats. Assessors...

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