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iMapInvasives Arizona is an online data management tool that is a standardized, central repository of location information for all invasive species taxon. The tool facilitates data sharing and utilization by land managers, the public and other organizations. The database stores basic point locations of invasive species observations, but also allows for advanced data management, including the capability to input treatment records, survey records, and track infestations over time. Use this tool by contributing data, planning and collaborating projects, or monitoring infestations.
The Arizona Game and Fish Department (Department) recently revised its State Wildlife Action Plan that provides a framework and information to assist in setting conservation priorities for the state’s wildlife and habitats. Data gathered for Arizona’s State Wildlife Action Plan represents myriad sources and extensive public comment, and is used to support the Department’s efforts to develop proactive conservation goals and objectives. Much of that data (more than 300 data layers) is compiled into a single model of wildlife conservation potential, the Species and Habitat Conservation Guide. To ensure the State Wildlife Action Plan information is accessible and useful to everyone, the Arizona Game and Fish Department...

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