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In 1998, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Fisheries Independent Monitoring (FIM) program began a long-term monitoring effort of key reef fish populations in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. This effort was aimed at evaluating the relative abundance, size structure, and habitat utilization of specific reef fish species that are targeted by commercial and recreational fisheries.; Smith,S.G., et al. 2011,Multispecies survey design for assessing reef-fish stocks, spatially explicit management performance, and ecosystem condition. Fisheries Research 109(2011)25-41; Brandt,M.E., et. al. 2009,A Cooperative Multi-agency Reef Fish Monitoring Protocol for the Florida Keys Coral Reef...
Categories: Data; Types: NetCDF OPeNDAP Service; Tags: Atmosphere > Air Quality > Visibility, Dry Tortugas Reef Visual Census 2016, absence, air, aphia, All tags...

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