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The Title 3 Land data delineates areas protected by the Stream and Floodplain Protection Plan, which aims to protect the region's health and public safety by reducing flood and landslide hazards, controlling soil erosion, and reducing pollution of the region's waterways. This data specifically delineates areas impacted by Title 3 for the following purposes: 1. protect against flooding, 2. enhance water quality in the region's streams, rivers, and wetlands, and 3. protect regionally significant fish and wildlife habitat areas. Downloaded from Metro's RLIS Discovery site, 7/2/2012.
The Fire Restriction Areas represents a geographic location with similar timing for weather changes and resulting fire behavior potentials. Boundaries for each area generally follow county boundaries with some being placed along roadways, rivers, hydrologic divides or other known points that can be clearly described to the public and agency personnel. When a majority of land managers and agency administrators representing the jurisdictions within an area agree that the conditions warrant a restriction, the entire area will be placed in a restricted status. When land managers and agency administrators agree that the restrictions for that area can be removed, the entire area will rescind restrictions as a whole. ...

    map background search result map search result map Fire Restriction Areas of Idaho Title 3 Land in the Portland Metro Region, Oregon Title 3 Land in the Portland Metro Region, Oregon Fire Restriction Areas of Idaho