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This is a dynamic service of the Surface Management Agency (SMA) Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset. The service depicts Federal land for the United States and classifies this land by its active Federal surface managing agency below the scale scheme level 14 (~1:36K) for efficiency. The SMA feature class currently covers all of the BLM Western State Offices including Alaska. The SMA data contained in this dataset are extracted from Federal land status records. The official Federal land status records of the appropriate surface land managing agency should be consulted concerning ownership details including interest in the federal subsurface mineral estate. The GIS data contained in this dataset depict the...
This spatial data contains a combination of data that was published in a map of South Central Idaho in the late 1990s from submissions from the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Reclamation and data that was added from the Bureau of Land Management Boise District. This layer is intended to be a source of wildlife tracts in Idaho. Use of this data include spatial analysis and cartographic products. This data will be made available to all users as BLM corporate data.
Summary The use of biomass to produce bioenergy in order to provide a wide range of energy services (heat, light, comfort, entertainment, information, mobility etc.), and to produce biomaterials as substitutes for those presently manufactured from petro-chemicals, is an integrating response to a number of global problems. These include equity, development, energy supply security, rural employment, and climate change mitigation. Biomass provides fuel flexibility to match a wide range of energy demands and is a renewable energy source that can be stored, which is an advantage over several other forms of renewable energy. It has been identified by the European Union as a significant contributor to its 12% renewable...
The relevance of econometric studies of ownership and use of private cars for environmental issues is sketched and some recent results are reviewed.
Research performed at the AB-DLO and the Free University was intended to quantify the effects of a doubled CO2 concentration on some key agronomic species and grasslands. A set of physiological and morphological processes was studied and related to above- and below ground cycling of carbon. The research was based on experiments and simulation studies at the level of plant, crop and soil in laboratory facilities and semi-field conditions with controlled CO2 supply. Agricultural crops were grown in "Open Top Chambers" or greenhouses and grasses in transparent tunnels made of Lexan. Soil processes and root respiration were studied in the Wageningen Rhizolab. Photosynthesis and assimilate partitioning were measured...
In a field experiment we attempted to stimulate car users to come to a more selective use of their vehicle by means of providing information and feedback about different negative consequences of their car use. Attitude change was observed but the experimental treatments did not lead to behavioural changes. Attempts to influence car use arouse psychological resistance. Therefore, effects opposite to those intended occurred. We discuss the possible implications of the results for policymaking.
This dataset was extracted by FCC from their database. This dataset and related datasets from the FCC include categories such as: FCC licensing database extracts, FCC licensin market boundaries, US boundaries and features. With these data sets, you will be able to determine the locations and limited technical details of existing towers the FCC collects data on (i.e. Cellular, Paging, Microwave, AM, FM, etc...). This information can be extremely helpful in conducting analysis such as; current service deployment, need/feasibility determinations of new services, co-location of antenna structures, inventorying of structures, network planning, etc. The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) handles all FCC domestic...
Published arbitral awards relating to the international oil and gas exploration and production industry address a wide range of substantive legal issues that reflect the industry’s nature and specificities. For example, the awards contain rulings on the responsibility of a State for the conduct of its national oil company, the project management obligations of joint venturers in an exploration and production project, and the impact for an international oil company of changes to the host State’s fiscal regime. This article summarizes and classifies the key substantive rulings in all awards published since 1998 that relate to the international exploration and production industry, serving as an update of Doak Bishop’s...

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