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This zip folder contains ASCII text files of vectors at the specified volcano at 12-hour intervals, from January 1, 1990 through December 28, 2009. The wind vectors are divided into five files, names by their elevation range above sea level in the atmosphere: 00-05km.txt; 05-11km.txt; 11-16km.txt; 16-24km.txt; and 24-30km.txt. The zip folder also contains a subfolder "figures", with Wind rose plots of wind direction and speed over this time period. The plots are by season, and by elevation, given a total of 20 plots (4 seasons, 5 elevation ranges). A summary plot is also included which gives the year-round wind pattern at the volcano, at 0-5 km elevation. Plots are in both jpg and pdf format.
The USGS Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON) project is an online all-species mapping information system consisting of a large collection of species occurrence datasets (e.g., plants and animals) found in the United States, U.S. Territories, U.S. marine Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ), and Canada, with relevant geospatial layers. Species occurrences are records of organisms at a particular time and location that are often collected as part of biological field studies, species inventories, and taxonomic collections. These data serve as a foundation for biodiversity and conservation research.
Types: Citation; Tags: Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, American Samoa, Arizona, All tags...
The NRN product is distributed in the form of thirteen provincial or territorial datasets and consists of two linear entities (Road Segment and Ferry Connection Segment) and three punctual entities (Junction, Blocked Passage, Toll Point) with which is associated a series of descriptive attributes such as, among others: First House Number, Last House Number, Street Name Body, Place Name, Functional Road Class, Pavement Status, Number Of Lanes, Structure Type, Route Number, Route Name, and Exit Number. This dataset contains road segment vectors within Prince Edward Island province. The development of the NRN was realized by means of individual meetings and national workshops with interested data providers from the...
The datatset is a compilation of all permanent (legally established) protected areas in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
The mapping of land capability for forestry is based on a national classification system comparable with the other Canada Land Inventory sectors. Land is rated according to seven classes on its capability to grow commercial timber in areas stocked with the optimum number and species of trees. This rating considers the land in its natural state, without improvements such as fertilization, drainage, or amelioration practices. This dataset contains Land Capability Ratings for the surveyed portions of Prince Edward Island province. Land ratings and classes may change, however, significant changes will only be achieved through costly and continuing practices. The best lands for tree growth are Class 1 while Class 7...

    map background search result map search result map Canada Land Inventory - Land Capability for Forestry, Prince Edward Island National Road Network road segments - Prince Edward Island, Canada Permanently protected areas of Prince Edward Island, Canada Wind rose plots for the volcano: 234060 Prince Edward Island Permanently protected areas of Prince Edward Island, Canada National Road Network road segments - Prince Edward Island, Canada Canada Land Inventory - Land Capability for Forestry, Prince Edward Island