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As the SEAK Hydro database evolves, so to will the metadata for this dataset. Until noted otherwise, please reference this dataset's metadata for an older version of the source data.This map service contains two barrier layers, one from the USFS and one from the AWC. The USFS barriers layer contains points representing bedrock waterfalls in Southeast Alaska that are potential barriers to fish passage on the Tongass National Forest. Waterfalls less than 1 meter are not mapped nor are those caused only by wood or debris jams. Channel types considered to be de facto barriers to fish passage HC5, HC6, & MC3 (Channel Type Users Guide, USFS 1992) were not included in the layer. The AWC layer is undocumented at this time.
The Passage Assessment Database (PAD) geospatial file contains locations of known and potential barriers to salmonid migration in California streams with additional information about each record. The PAD is an ongoing map-based inventory of known and potential barriers to anadromous fish in California, compiled and maintained through a cooperative interagency agreement. The PAD compiles currently available fish passage information from many different sources, allows past and future barrier assessments to be standardized and stored in one place, and enables the analysis of cumulative effects of passage barriers in the context of overall watershed health. The database is set up to capture basic information about each...
The 2.3-mile reach of the Lower Gunnison River between the Redlands Diversion Dam and the confluence with the Colorado River is important habitat for Colorado squawfish and razorback sucker and is designated critical habitat for these two fishes. The purpose of this study was to recommend a minimum streamflow for passage of sub-adult and adult Colorado squawfish and razorback sucker during low-flows in this reach.

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