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The Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative’s (Great Basin LCC) Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a new geospatial portal that allows users to create and share unique mapping products. It incorporates over 1000 spatial data layers related to conservation of the Great Basin’s many natural and cultural resources. The CPA provides managers, researchers and planners from state, federal, local, NGO and private partners a valuable suite of tools for collaborative spatial planning. All of this information is housed in a single website where readers can access regional spatial layers, decision support tools, and Great Basin LCC project information and products. The CPA is one key part in the Great Basin LCC’s...
FY2014The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) will work with the Great Basin to develop a Conservation Planning Atlas (also commonly called gateways) using Data Basin technology ( to serve the data integration, collaboration and partner engagement needs.Conservation Planning Atlases (CPA) are a customized interface of the Data Basin platform that include special branding, curation of spatial content, direct links to selected sites (e.g., other LCC Conservation Planning Atlas (e.g.,, additional upload capacity if needed, and access to premium analytical tools. The CPA will allow Great Basin LCC staff and stakeholders to integrate spatial information to coordinate and promote...
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The Great Basin LCC Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) brings cloud-based functionality and collaborative features to a geospatial platform for conservation initiatives across the Great Basin. The CPA resides within the Data Basin online platform, allowing users and groups to create unique collaborative mapping products for their projects. Drawing on over 16,000 datasets currently in Data Basin–including high-priority datasets from LANDFIRE, BLM, USGS, and others–users are able to share maps within public or private groups and then to dynamically interact with those products as a group. In addition to the collaborative planning features, the CPA also provides the Great Basin LCC with another platform through which...

    map background search result map search result map Development of a Conservation Planning Atlas to Improve Regional GIS Data Integration, Collaboration, and Partner Engagement Development of a Conservation Planning Atlas to Improve Regional GIS Data Integration, Collaboration, and Partner Engagement