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As part of the hydrodynamic and sediment transport investigations in San Pablo Bay and China Camp Marsh, California, particle size distributions of bed sediments were measured at most instrumented stations and are presented in a comma-delimited values spreadsheet. This portion of the data release presents San Pablo Bay and China Camp Marsh sediment particle size distributions from samples collected during multiple instrument deployments. Users are advised to check the data carefully for sampling time, location, and reference information. Station Surveys Samples CCCH 1 1 CH13 1 2 CHT 3 5 M1T 4 7 M2T 3 5 Marsh 1 12 MFE 1 3 MFE2 2 3 MFT 1 2 MFW 1 3 MLT 1 1 N1T 6 11 N1TS 1 1 N2TA 1...
The dataset documents results from testing of 1) vendor-supplied reference materials 2) NIST-traceable polysidperse glass bead reference materials 3) mixtures of commercially-available glass beads 4) mixtures of internal reference materials prepared from geologic material

    map background search result map search result map Particle-size analysis results for a variety of natural and man-made materials used to assess the precision and accuracy of laboratory laser-diffraction particle-size analysis of fluvial sediment