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New Mexico BLM Oil & Gas Lease Sale Parcels for April 18th 2012
BLM’s Resource Management Plans (RMPs) form the basis for every action and approved use on the public lands. The BLM prepares RMPs for areas of public lands, called planning areas, which tend to have similar resource characteristics. Planning emphasizes a collaborative environment in which local, state, and tribal governments, the public, user groups, and industry work with the BLM to identify appropriate multiple uses of the public lands. Plans are periodically revised as changing conditions and resource demands require. RMPs are used by managers and the public to accomplish the following: Allocate resources and determine appropriate multiple uses for the public lands; Develop a strategy to manage and protect...
The the Williston Basin has been a leading petroleum producer for over a half century with development beginning around the turn of the 20th century. The spatial and temporal spread of the associated wells is important from both an economic perspective but also a natural resource view. These data were gathered from the state/province oil and gas divisions for use by USGS researchers and their collaborators in water resource specific studies. Each state/province provides slightly different information for each well, with some providing more information and others less. We attempted to create a spatial cross-walk that allowed each database to be merged to one another to create a final regional spatial database. Each...
The data available through this site is for the geographic area of Nevada. The data is available in zipped/compressed ArcGIS 10.xx file geodatabase and shapefile formats. (Some data is only available as a shapefile.) * All files have metadata when viewed through ArcGIS software (or other compatible software).
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide the means for storing, querying, analyzing, correlating, modeling, and displaying digital cartographic data, remotely sensed imagery, and geographically referenced field survey and sampling data. In the business of managing public lands, the BLM collects and utilizes this data as it relates to or describes a piece of land and the resources on and under it. Data might be information about bird nesting sites or wild horse herd use areas. It might be legal land survey information or legal descriptions of land parcels. Real-time fire progression maps and maps-on-demand are two other customer products developed from this data. The common thread is that this information...
Las colecciones del Observatorio Ambiental se encuentran conformadas por documentos y referencias de publicaciones enfocadas en las problemáticas de medio ambiente sobre el estado de Chihuahua y sus zonas aledañas, tanto dentro del territorio nacional, como con Estados Unidos. El proceso de administración y manejo de las colecciones consiste en la búsqueda, selección, clasificación y catalogación de la información pertinente al estado de Chihuahua.
As the third largest federal land manager in the United States (Keystone Center 1996a), the Department of Defense (DoD) mandates the conservation and wise management of the natural resources on military installations. To this end, DoD policy directs each Army installation to produce an Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (INRMP), the purpose of which is to “ensure that natural resource conservation measures and Army activities on mission land are integrated and consistent with federal stewardship requirements” (Army Goals and Implementing Guidance for Natural Resource Planning Level Surveys and Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans, 21 March 1997). The basic goal of this INRMP is to support and sustain...

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