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The cumulative availability curve shows the quantities of a mineral commodity that can be recovered under current conditions from existing resources at various prices. The future availability of a mineral commodity depends on the shape of its cumulative availability curve (determined by geologic considerations, such as the nature and incidence of the available mineral deposits), the speed at which society moves up the curve (determined by future demand and the extent to which this demand is satisfied by recycling), and shifts in the curve (determined by cost-reducing technological change and other factors). While the shape of the curve for any given mineral commodity may or may not be known, it is knowable since...
Soil gas methane and combustible gas concentrations collected from oil and gas well pad locations in Utah. Soil gas samples were measured on site and/or collected for later analysis as described in supporting documentation. Multiple sample locations around well head and depths within the soil profile are available for select sites. Supporting documents provide information of sample collection protocol and data quality assurance.
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To assist risk assessors at the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site (SRS), a Geographic Information System (GIS) application was developed to provide relevant information about specific receptor species of resident wildlife that can be used for ecological risk assessment. Information was obtained from an extensive literature review of publications and reports on vertebrate- and contaminant-related research since 1954 and linked to a GIS. Although this GIS is a useful tool for risk assessors because the data quality is high, it does not describe the species' site-wide spatial distribution or life history, which may be crucial when developing a risk assessment. Specific receptor species on the SRS were modeled...

    map background search result map search result map Soil Methane and Combustible Gas Concentrations from Oil-Gas Well Pads in Utah, U.S.A. Soil Methane and Combustible Gas Concentrations from Oil-Gas Well Pads in Utah, U.S.A.