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The Core Research Center (CRC) was established in 1974 by the USGS to preserve valuable samples of the Earth’s subsurface for use by scientists and educators representing government, industry, and academia. The CRC collections include full-diameter rock cores, slabbed cores (cut in half longitudinally), well cuttings, thin sections, and associated analytical data. A majority of the material was donated to the CRC by private industrial companies, although some cores and cuttings were collected by the USGS and other government agencies. Rock cores were collected from roughly 9,500 drilled borehole locations representing approximately 610,000 meters (2 million feet) of subsurface strata in 35 states. Many of the boreholes...
Collections of physical samples and data managed and preserved by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The separate collections are managed by different projects and Mission Areas of the USGS. The collections are distributed across the United States, in various USGS offices. Preservation of some of these collections may be supported by the National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program. USGS strives to publicly expose its materials, data, and other research to further scientific inquiry. Points of contact for individual collections may be contacted to request access to materials and data.
The U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) facility for storing, curating, and studying meteoric ice cores recovered from the glaciated regions of the world; mostly from Antarctica and Greenland. The NICL is funded by the NSF Division of Polar Programs and operated by the USGS; and the NICL’s science operations are managed by the University of New Hampshire. NICL provides scientists with the capability to conduct examinations and measurements on ice cores, and it preserves the integrity of these ice cores in a long-term repository for future investigations. The NICL was established in 1993 and is located at the Denver Federal Center, in Denver, Colorado. The NICL’s primary...
This database contains a comprehensive inventory of geologic (coral, coral reef, limestone, and sediment) cores and samples collected, analyzed, published, and/or archived by, or in collaboration with, the U.S. Geological Survey St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center (USGS SPCMSC). The SPCMSC Geologic Core and Sample Database includes geologic cores and samples collected beginning in the 1970s to present day, from study sites across the world. This database can be accessed through the CoreViewer 3.0 ArcOnline web mapping application, linked below. A copy of the data can also be downloaded from the web mapping application and the metadata is accessible through a link in the header of the application, as...
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Since 2002, the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center’s Samples Repository has been supporting research by providing secure storage for geological, biological, and geochemical samples; maintaining organization and an active inventory of these sample collections; as well as by providing access to these collections for study and reuse. This collections inventory has been compiled, organized, and released online to provide researchers and the general public with a means to discover and request scientific sample material preserved and maintained by the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center Samples Repository. Updates will be made to the inventory as the collections grow, and version history is available...

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