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The goal of this review paper is to provide a list of methods and devices used to measure sediment accumulation in wadeable streams dominated by cobble and gravel substrate. Quantitative measures of stream sedimentation are useful to monitor and study anthropogenic impacts on stream biota, and stream sedimentation is measurable with multiple sampling methods. Evaluation of sedimentation can be made by measuring the concentration of suspended sediment, or turbidity, and by determining the amount of deposited sediment, or sedimentation on the streambed. Measurements of deposited sediments are more time consuming and labor intensive than measurements of suspended sediments. Traditional techniques for characterizing...
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A summary data set of all fire polygons we could locate as of December 2007 . We used multiple datasets to developed this layer including data gathered from the internet, publically available databases, and personal contacts with dozens of agency personnel throught the western U.S. Data were assessed for utility (but not accuracy) and formatted for consistency. Each source data set was then attributed consistently with fields for record number and year (of fire). Because various resource management entities map fires somewhat independently (especially in more recent years) we merged overlapping polygons for each year.. Users are encouraged to understand the contents of this data file before using it. Data may...