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Properly identifying the rarity of a species is essential to determine the amount of protection that needs to be applied. Clarifying the status of these species will allow industry to proactively manage their exploration and development activities. This project focuses on obtaining current species information throughout all the Field Offices and will identify and delineate the present location of these sensitive species.
Convert impenetrable sheep fence to more "wildlife friendly" fence to allow passage of pronghorn and other big game species. Provide a number of low-tech erosion and water harvesting measures to improve two-track roads. Construct small rock mulches to improve water infiltration while reducing runoff and soil erosion. With the assistance of the Wyoming Youth Conservation Corp, conduct fence repair and reconstruction. Plant willow and other shrubs. This project would increase the amount and diversity of riparian and transitional riparian/upland habitats. Establishment and expansion of woody species such as willow in riparian areas would provide increased fish stream shading, and armoring of stream banks from erosion....

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