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Spreadsheet includes data that were used to evaluate the mixing efficiencies of liquid-to-liquid chemical injection manifolds. Specifically, piping designs were developed to deliver fisheries chemicals (e.g. carbon dioxide) into water to control the movements of invasive bigheaded carps. These data describe mixing time, homogeneity and efficacy of carbon dioxide delivery using various piping designs. Results provide recommendations for piping configurations that could be installed within navigational locks to deliver invasive species control chemicals. There is 1 csv file containing text documents associated with this study
Application of Delft3D-FM model to Keswick Reservoir in California, for short-term (days) simulations. Model archive includes source code (open-source, created by Deltares in the Netherlands), input files, and output files in netCDF format. Source code will need to be compiled for the operating system and hardware being used. Instructions are included with the source code. A separate data release ( contains related field data that have been used as input for model calibration runs.
These data were collected to examine water mixing in the lower Maumee River to determine the extent to which water from Lake Erie backflows into the river, and under what conditions this occurs. We used a combination of fixed hydrologic gauges; water chemistry including stable isotopes and conservative tracers; and direct physical measurements to estimate the percentages of lake and river water at both fixed sites and transects. Those results were compared with concurrent flows and estimates of seiche activity. Data suggest that during 2013 mixing did occur, but was confined to the lowest river reach within the city limits of Toledo, Ohio. This tabular data set could be used for any questions involving large river...

    map background search result map search result map Maumee River, Toledo, Ohio Mixing Data 2013 Keswick Reservoir, California, Delft3D-FM Model Archive Keswick Reservoir, California, Delft3D-FM Model Archive Maumee River, Toledo, Ohio Mixing Data 2013