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Of the 3 major factors (habitat loss, poisoning, and disease) that limit abundance of prairie dogs today, sylvatic plague caused by Yersinia pestis is the I factor that is beyond human control. Plague epizootics frequently kill > 99% of prairie dogs in infected colonies. Although epizootics of sylvatic plague occur throughout most of the range of prairie dogs in the United States and are well described, long-term maintenance of plague in enzootic rodent species is not well documented or understood. We review dynamics of plague in white-tailed (Cynomys leucurus), Gunnison's (C gunnisoni), and black-tailed (C ludovicianus) prairie dogs, and their rodent and flea associates. We use epidemiologic concepts to support...
These data consist of microsatellite genotype scores for all samples of Santa Ana sucker (Catostomus santaanae) used in the study. Scores represent the allele calls for each microsatellite locus (i.e. DNA fragment length containing the microsatellite repeats), with each locus containing two scores representing the two allele copies detected. Included are five tables: Full dataset (includes genotypes from all samples), Santa Clara River samples only (includes genotypes only from samples collected in the Santa Clara River), Convert File format key (explains the data file format), Population identifiers (translates the numerical population identifiers to actual collecting sites), CASA sampling points (one coordinate...
The rapid expansion of road networks has reduced connectivity among populations of flora and fauna. The resulting isolation is assumed to increase population extinction rates, in part because of the loss of genetic diversity. However, there are few cases where loss of genetic diversity has been linked directly to roads or other barriers. We analysed the effects of such barriers on connectivity and genetic diversity of 27 populations of Ovis canadensis nelsoni (desert bighorn sheep). We used partial Mantel tests, multiple linear regression and coalescent simulations to infer changes in gene flow and diversity of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA markers. Our findings link a rapid reduction in genetic diversity (up to...

    map background search result map search result map Microsatellite genotype scores for a contemporary, range-wide sample of Santa Ana sucker in southern California Microsatellite genotype scores for a contemporary, range-wide sample of Santa Ana sucker in southern California