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In order to allow for a comparison across years we visually digitized landcover of Poplar Island from a single image per year at a 1:1000 spatial extent with a minimum mapping unit of 300 square meters (no minimum dimensions aside from area). Images used to assign landcover were provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and were captured between July and October of their respective years. All images were 1 foot resolution.
The Gap Analysis Program (GAP) Land Cover Viewer displays data on the vegetation and land use patterns of the continental United States. The GAP Land Cover Data Version 2.2 provides detailed information on the vegetation of the United States using consistent satellite base data and classification systems. This allows data users to make conservation or land use planning decisions for the entire range of a habitat type across administrative boundaries. GAP Land Cover Data Version 2.2 combines ecological system data from previous GAP projects in the Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest United States with recently updated California data. For Alaska ,and areas of the continental United States, where ecological system-level...

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