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The Rio Grande cutthroat trout, Oncorhynchus clarkii virginalis, has declined precipitously over the past century, and currently exhibits a highly fragmented distribution within the Canadian, Pecos and Rio Grande river systems of the western United States. The relationships between populations in the three river drainages, and between O. c. virginalis and the closely related taxa O. c. pleuriticus and O. c. stomias, are not well understood. In order to guide management decisions for the subspecies, we investigated the distribution of variation at 12 microsatellite loci and two regions of the mitochondrial genome. We observed a high level of genetic differentiation between O. c. virginalis populations occupying different...
Bear Management Units (BMUs) are management areas within the Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone (GBRZ) that were delineated by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST) to assist in managing habitat and monitoring population trends of the Yellowstone grizzly bear population. BMU areas approximate the size of the lifetime range of an average adult female and reflect areas of biological relevance to grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). The GBRZ was divided into 18 distinct BMUs to facilitate monitoring and ensure that adequate habitat and numbers of grizzly bears are well distributed throughout the GYE recovery zone.
This information was derived from the 1:24,000 scale Digital Rastor Graphics (DRG's). Data were digitized on-screen using the Arc/Info module to create a Mountain Goat Hunting Unit polygon coverage. Where available, coincident lines were use from other available data. If these data were available but not at 1:24,000 scale or better, digitizing was done directly from the DRG, with the exception of Hydro Unit (HUC) boundaries, which were pulled from the Division's HUC coverages. Digitizing and attributing were done by the Wildlife GIS Group of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Label points have multiple attributes and linear features are attributed with the feature name that makes up that portion of the GMU boundary.
Bear management subunits are subdivisions of larger bear management units (BMUs) that make up the Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone (GBRZ) located at the core of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). Subunits were delineated to assist in the management and monitoring of grizzly bear habitat and population trends. The 18 BMUs comprising the Yellowstone GBRZ were subdivided into a total of 40 subunits to provide greater landscape resolution and to account for seasonal heterogeneity of grizzly bear use patterns within a BMU. Subunits were typically delineated at the scale of the average annual home range of an adult female grizzly bear in the GYE and typically consist of a major drainage enclosed by segments of intervening...

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