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This project will engage researchers from the University of Idaho to assist with a set of analysis tasks that will improve understanding of seabird population dynamics and environmental drivers at a regional scale based on prior survey efforts that have been focused at a colony scale. Specifically, we envision the development of a population model for a couple of index species like murres and kittiwakes, including evaluation of spatial clustering of populations that co-vary, in order to: 1) asses implications of covariates with identified mechanisms and appropriate temporal (pre-breeding condition, summer, rearing, overwinter survival, etc.) and spatial scales; 2) evaluate the feasibility of combining seabirds into...
The Aleutian archipelago is an area that is rich in cultural history. Information about cultural sites and artifacts exists in a variety of formats including peer-reviewed publications, agency reports, and other records. The purpose of this project is to: (1) develop GIS data layer(s) of cultural sites that can be used in vulnerability assessments; and (2) develop an annotated bibliography of literature about cultural resources that can help guide future management and research in the region.
Partners developed a simulation model to better show how various projections associated with increased marine traffic in the Bering Sea might look in the coming decades. These simulations are able to help communities and managers better understand future patterns of traffic in the Bering Sea region as a whole, and look more specifically at possible changes in key areas of concern like the Bering Strait.Following vessel activity analysis and considering vessel type, transit routes, route timing, routing speed, and ports of call, we developed a novel agent-based, spatially-explicit, baseline model of current marine vessel traffic patterns. We then applied projections about changes in traffic volume from a report by...