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WHISPers stands for Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership - event reporting system. It is a web-based repository for sharing basic information about historic and ongoing wildlife mortality (death) and morbidity (illness) events. The system possesses a searchable archive of wildlife mortality and morbidity event data that is available to the public. The information is opportunistically collected and does not reflect all the mortality events that occur in North America.
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The scientific evidence that California condors (Gymnogyps californianus) are frequently sickened and killed by lead poisoning from spent ammunition supports the conclusion that current levels of lead exposure are too high to allow reintroduced condors to develop self-sustaining populations in the wild in Arizona and, by inference, in California. The evidence for lead poisoning and its source comes from the following sorts of data: 1) 18 clinical necropsies revealing high levels of lead in body tissues and (or) presence of lead shotgun pellets and bullet fragments in digestive tracts; 2) moribund condors showing crop paralysis and impending starvation with toxic levels of lead in their blood; 3) widespread lead...

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