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The UWRM proposal represents the uplands wildlands network in the Heart of the West Proposal. Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountains Ecoregion (UWRM) core areas and linkages shapefile. This GIS dataset provides core areas and linkages that includes all the components of a three track approach (special elements, representation, and focal species) used during the planning process. This is the result of a study contract by The Nature Conservancy to design an ecoregional plan for Northern Utah, Western Wyoming, Southeastern Idaho, Northwest Colorado and South-central Montana. The study was developed in 2001 by Reed Noss, George Wuerthner, Ken Vance-Borland, and Carlos Carroll from Conservation Science, Inc.
Heart of the West wildlands network This dataset represents the lowlands wildlands network of core areas, linkages and compatible use areas recommended to define land management and land use based on a biological basis consistent with sustaining the health of this region's ecosystems.

    map background search result map search result map Heart of the West Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountain Ecoregion Core Areas and Linkages Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountain Ecoregion Core Areas and Linkages Heart of the West