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The PFLCC and Florida’s State Wildlife Action Plan have goals in common including working with partners to develop shared priorities, working at the landscape scale, developing conservation targets to monitor progress of species and habitat conservation efforts, and providing a forum for dialogue about the most important actions to take to conserve Florida’s natural and cultural resources. Partnering in these initiatives will achieve greater results for wildlife and habitat conservation in Florida. In addition, the FWC has already undertaken key activities that are foundational to the PFLCC including development of the Cooperative Conservation Blueprint and support of the Critical Lands and Waters Identification...
The FWC has been heavily involved in contributing to and shaping the three LCC’s that include Florida, with special emphasis on the Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative (PFLCC), which falls entirely within the state of Florida.Substantia lresources from multiple partners will be required to establish and maintain the PFLCC.FWC will partner with the Service and through this Cooperative Agreement will work in collaboration with the Service to assume roles and responsibilities of the Science Coordinator and Communication Coordinator for the PFLCC.The activities included in the Science Coordination section of this report were completed by the FWC PFLCC Science Coordinator (Kate Haley, July 2013 –July...