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Many international organizations and research institutions have released recently unequivocal scenarios on energy's future prospects. The peak in global oil production is likely to happen in the next ten to fifteen years, if it hasn't already happened, and decisions to be made in the near future are likely to have large impacts on our quality of life in the coming decades. This study presents an integrated tool for national energy planning customized to North America. The authors analyzed the impact of world oil production on economic, social and environmental indicators. Two cases of global ultimate recoverable oil reserves are considered, a low and medium estimate within current research. Three sets of policy...
Terrestrial-based planning units of 1 kilometer (km) hexagons. There are about 600,000 units populated with conservation targets from around the Appalachian region. One of the targets included is the optimization from the Aquatics-only target scenario. The tables include summaries of information within each catchment including predictor variables.

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