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Recent improvements in both acquisition of sediment temperatures and simulation modelling of heat and ground-water transport, are leading to widespread implementation of heat as a tracer of groundwater fluxes near streams. The present work provides a brief historical review of the use of heat as a tracer of shallow ground-water movement, and details current theory used to estimate stream/groundwater exchanges. The governing equations for heat and ground-water transport in the near-stream environment are presented. The various relations between the hydrologic state of a stream channel and the expected thermal response is graphical depicted. Techniques for installation and monitoring of temperature and stage equipment...
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Indigenous peoples and Tribal communities have lived in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence region for millenia. Throughout this time, they have lived through great uncertainty through colonialism and assimilation periods. Yet, the effort to make meaningful plans for their communities is now threatened by the uncertainty of changing trends in the environment, such as shifting lake levels and patterns of precipitation. These changes create potential financial burdens on Tribal governments and stresses on Tribal cultural practices such hunting, fishing, and harvesting of subsistence and medicinal plants. Our project focused on developing climate scenario planning activities led by the Tribes and Tribal members we worked...
Tribes and tribal lands in the Northern Rockies/Northern Plains region are already experiencing the effects of climate change, and tribal managers are also already responding to and preparing for the impacts of those changes. However, these managers face many challenges and obstacles to either completing and/or implementing their adaptation plans. The overall goal of this project is to provide tribal managers in this region the opportunity to share experiences, challenges, and successes with each other in order to support climate adaptation efforts. The project researchers will plan and conduct a workshop for tribes in the north central region that are in some stage of climate adaptation planning or implementation....

    map background search result map search result map Supporting Tribal Climate Adaptation in the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains Region Supporting Tribal Climate Adaptation in the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains Region