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This dataset depicts the administrative boundaries (exterior limits) of Canada Lands which includes Indian Reserves, Cree-Naskapi Category 1A and 1A-N Lands, Yukon First Nations Settlement Lands, and Kanesatake Mohawk Interim Land Base. Administrative boundaries were compiled from Canada Centre for Cadastral Management's cadastral datasets and survey records archived in the Canada Lands Survey Records.
Climate change is poised to alter natural systems, the frequency of extreme weather, and human health and livelihoods. In order to effectively prepare for and respond to these challenges in the north-central region of the U.S., people must have the knowledge and tools to develop plans and adaptation strategies. The objective of this project was to build stakeholders’ capacity to respond to climate change in the north-central U.S., filling in gaps not covered by other projects in the region. During the course of this project, researchers focused on three major activities: Tribal Capacity Building: Researchers provided tribal colleges and universities with mini-grants to develop student projects to document climate-related...
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The historic treaties include treaties negotiated between approximately and 1930, excluding Douglas Treaties (unknown boundaries). Major treaties include: a) PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP TREATIES 1725 - 1779 b) UPPER CANADA TREATIES 1764 - 1836 c) PROVINCE OF CANADA TREATIES 1850 - 1862 d) NUMBERED TREATIES 1867 - 1930 e) WILLIAMS TREATIES 1923
This shape file includes settled and unsettled land claims. Unsettled land claims with no known boundaries includes the following: ALGONQUINS OF PIKWAKANAGAN (GOLDEN LAKE) (ONTARIO). No outline data. Shown as a point symbol. INAC Claim Category "Other Claims". - QUEBEC ALGONQUIN CLAIM (QUEBEC). Shown as a point symbol. INAC Claim Category "Claims Awaiting A Decision Re: Acceptance Or Rejection (INAC)". Other unsettled land claims (known boundaries) include the following outstanding land claims (several are overlapping claims), listed by INAC Claim Category: CLAIMS IN NEGOTIATION (INAC 1999) - DOGRIB CLAIM TREATY 11. Mapped based on NWT NORTH SLAVE REGION. Overlaps with Treaty 8 Dene. - TREATY 8 DENE. Shown as overlapping...
The establishment of the South Central Climate Science Center (SCCSC) heralded new forms of partnership among Tribal nations and members of the climate science and conservation communities. But communicating key concepts such as risk and vulnerability is a culturally specific practice. So these new relationships call for pluricultural conversations about climate change and variability. To contribute to the goal of mutual understanding, this project developed and implemented a series of five workshops -- four in Oklahoma and one in New Mexico -- that introduced Tribal members and employees across the region to the SC CSC as a resource for their climate adaptation practices. Not counting members of the research team,...
Listening for the Rain starts a pluricultural conversation in which some Indigenous people who live in the central United States of America discuss their observations and understandings of, as well as responses to, climate change and variability. A team of Native and non-Native researchers and media artists worked together to document these stories. Not only does Listening to the Rain illustrate some of the environmental transformations distinguishing diverse Tribal landscapes, but the video also suggests some of the proactive solutions and ideas for addressing these issues that are currently being undertaken in Indian Country.

    map background search result map search result map Capacity Building in the North-Central U.S.: Tribal Engagement, Climate Training, and PhenoCam Deployment Historic First NationsTreaties in Canada First Nations Settled and Unsettled Land Claims in Canada Canada First Nations and Aboriginal Land Capacity Building in the North-Central U.S.: Tribal Engagement, Climate Training, and PhenoCam Deployment Canada First Nations and Aboriginal Land Historic First NationsTreaties in Canada First Nations Settled and Unsettled Land Claims in Canada