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These data were provided by Dudek, for full metadata please contact them directly. Layer description from Appendix A: The California Interagency Watershed Map of 1999 (updated May 2004, "calw221") is the State of California's working definition of watershed boundaries. Previous Calwater versions (1.2 and 2.2) described California watersheds, beginning with the division of the State's 101 million acres into ten Hydrologic Regions (HR). Each HR is progressively subdivided into six smaller, nested levels: the Hydrologic Unit (HU, major rivers), Hydrologic Area (HA, major tributaries), Hydrologic Sub-Area (HSA), Super Planning Watershed (SPWS), and Planning Watershed (PWS). At the Planning Watershed (the most detailed...

    map background search result map search result map California Interagency Watersheds, DRECP California Interagency Watersheds, DRECP