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This U.S. Geological Survey data release consists of 3 raster datasets representing estimates of probability of ignition (ProbIgnitPredict.tif), fire frequency (FrequencyPredictRF.tif), and burn severity (dNBRPredictRF.tif) in the Mojave Desert from 1984 to 2010. The data include: (1) A shapefile of the Mojave Desert that was used as our study area boundary (MojaveEcoregion_TNS_UTM83.shp). The original shapefile was obtained from NatureServe in 2009; (2) Three Tagged-Interchange Format (TIF) raster datasets representing probability of ignition, fire frequency, and burn severity. Resolution equals 30 meters, projection equals UTM Zone 11N. These data support the following publication: Klinger, R., Underwood, E.C.,...
Fire risk in western North America has increased with increasing cover of Bromus tectorum, an invasive alien annual grass. The relationship between B. tectorum cover and fire risk was determined in a historically burned Artemisia tridentata-Poa secunda shrub?steppe community where B. tectorum cover ranged from 5 to 75%. Fire risk ranged from ~46% with an average of 12% B. tectorum cover to 100% when B. tectorum cover was greater than 45% based on prediction confidence limits. Reflectance of the green and red bands of aerial photographs were related to senescent B. tectorum cover to create fine resolution B. tectorum cover and fire risk maps. This assessment technique will allow land managers to prioritize lands...

    map background search result map search result map Fire Regimes in the Mojave Desert (1972-2010) Mojave Desert Ecoregion Fire Regimes in the Mojave Desert (1972-2010) Mojave Desert Ecoregion