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Describing the social network that links the interconnected partners is the first step to leverage the network’s capacity to be greater than the sum of its parts. The Northwest Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative partners and a social network scientist are applying social network theory to create a system of nodes and edges of a Conservation Social Network. The LCC partners were surveyed in 2015 and again in 2018, in order to measure the dynamics of partner communication. From this research, the partnership aims to better leverage partner expertise and better facilitate collaboration across geographic and organizational boundaries.
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Snowshoe hare populations fluctuate over a period of several years and are thought to send the cats on migration routes in what’s known as the “travelling wave” theory. In a changing boreal region, scientists want to know where and how lynx move across the landscape to better understand how the larger system is connected.Researchers will build on on-going research in national wildlife refuges by placing satellite tracking collars on cats to better understand the dynamics across the region. Isotypes in the cats’ teeth as well as genetic markers give more clues about lynx movement. This project involves collaboration with local trappers.The project is a collaboration among the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Yukon...