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This data set includes gravity measurements for the Island of Hawai`i collected as the source data for "Deep magmatic structures of Hawaiian volcanoes, imaged by three-dimensional gravity models" (Kauahikaua, Hildenbrand, and Webring, 2000). Data for 3,611 observations are stored as a single table and disseminated in .CSV format. Each observation record includes values for field station ID, latitude and longitude (in both Old Hawaiian and WGS84 projections), elevation, and Observed Gravity value. See associated publication for reduction and interpretation of these data. Kauahikaua, J., Hildenbrand, T., and Webring, M., 2000, Deep magmatic structures of Hawaiian volcanoes, imaged by three-dimensional gravity models,...
The data in this CD-ROM are based on a mineral resource assessment of the Venezuelan Guayana Shield, conducted between 1987 and 1991 by the U.S. Geological Survey and Corporaci�n Venezolana de Guayana, T�cnica Minera, (USGS, 1993). The Venezuelan Shield occupies about 415,000 sq km in the south and east part of Venezuela. The study area is bounded on the north by the R�o Orinoco. It includes all of the Territorio Federal Amazonas, Estado Bol�var, and part of Estado Delta Amacuro. The original resource assessment publication USGS Bulletin 2062 consists of 121 pages of text and figures as well as eight full-color maps:GeographicGeologic and tectonicBouguer gravityTwo mineral-occurrence mapsSide-looking airborne radar...

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