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map background search result map search result map EL1005 Caenis latipennis quadrate gills EL1005 Caenis latipennis dor ant EL1005 Caenis latipennis ventral EL1008 Centroptilum sp Procloeon sp complex vent ant stk EL1008 Centroptilum sp Procloeon sp complex ventral EL1014 Attenella margarita dor ant stk EL1015 Caudatella sp terminal filament stk EL1015 Caudatella sp lateral stk EL1016 Drunella doddsii ventral stk EL1021 Cinygmula sp dor post EL1023 Leucrocuta sp lateral2 stk EL1024 Maccaffertium sp lateral stk EL1026 Stenacron sp dor ant EL1026 Stenacron sp vent post EL1028 Isonychia fore femora and tibae stk EL1028 Isonychia lateral EL1031 Tricorythodes minutus segment 2 gills stk EL1031 Tricorythodes minutus dor ant stk EL1031 Tricorythodes minutus dorsal EL1031 Tricorythodes minutus vent ant stk